I was kind of bummed to see Coachella Festival Fashion dressing come to an end, but I live in Southern California, so I really shouldn’t be too sad – it’s doable everyday. My Day 3 outfit was my favorite. I wore a top that was actually a pantsuit at one point. I loved the pantsuit, but it didn’t suit my petite frame and curves, but I only loved the top half of it, so my Mom suggested I cut it into a top. Thanks to her precision it became a great top. Forever21 doesn’t have the same pattern anymore, but they have the pantsuit in a different print. Everyday I’m learning, you have to customize fashion and make it personal – a lot of trends don’t work for EVERY body type, so it’s fun to take what you like and make it yours. I brought a bandana, because the desert can have gnarly dust storms and combine with allergies, it’s not a pretty site. The bandana became a great headband and pony tail tie – I kept changing the entire day. I wanted to tie it in a top knot and make the bandana a bow, but my hair is really long right now and kind of heavy, so it wasn’t too comfortable. Another favorite part of my outfit was my Moschino iPhone holder. It was so convenient having it at my finger tips, rather than holding it, putting in my pocket, or my purse. The quilted cross over is Clare Vivre’s Mini Sac– my Mom bought it for me for Christmas and I’ve been waiting to rock it for Spring/Summer. And, my espadrilles are Soludos. I’ve been wanting a comfortable leather pair, like the Chanel (too expensive) or the Celine’s (again too expensive), so I opted for the Soludos. I’m usually a 37, but I had to go up a size and they’re perfect. 

I kept the jewels simple. I wore a Gorjana necklace that I got in my RocksBox and wore some hoops. 

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IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts  IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_3 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_4 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_6 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_5 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_7 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_8IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_11 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_12 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_13  IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_15  IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_18 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_20 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_21 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_22 IMLVH_FestivalFashion_forever21_ZaraTRF_denimshorts_23

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