Hello 2018! 

I have my resolutions noted down and I’m ready to WERK!! I know.. I know…  I probably sound super annoying, but I can’t help how motivated I am and how excited I am for this new year. #sorrynotsorry. I’m aware so many people hate New Years Resolutions, but I’m the total opposite! Coming up with New Years Resolutions goes something like this: I like to think of the things/situations that didn’t make me happy this past year and the goals I’d like achieve, then I create my resolutions after that. 

If you’re not into resolutions, I have the two major ๐Ÿ”‘s that can help you accomplish them.  Simply, WRITE them down and believe you can achieve them. Thats it.  However, big or small they are, write them down, and be positive that you can achieve whatever it is you want.  90% of it is a mindset. I definitely recommend writing them down in a cute note book – for some reason that always motivates me more too.

  • Side Note: It’s actually scientifically proven  that writing your goals down can actually help you achieve them. Thinking about your dreams and goals happens in your right brain, the imaginative side. Once you write those goals down the right brain syncs with the left brain, the part of your brain that is logic-based and the part that likes to make shit happen. Writing down what your dreams or resolutions syncs both parts of your brain and magic happens aka your dreams/ goals/resolutions can be a reality. 

I’ll be honest, I haven’t always been that motivated and excited about making my goals a reality. Let me rephrase that – I never knew how to make my dreams and goals a reality.

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 Redone Jeans White Tee, Avec Les Filles Leopard Jacket,  Just Black Denim Black Jeans, Vans Old Skool Platform Sneakers, Ouai Clear Plastic Bag, Le Specs Last Lolita Sunglasses, and Forever 21 Beret

But, that all changed last January (2017) when I read You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. It was the perfect bitch slap in the face that inspired me to get my shit (goals, dreams, and life) rolling this past year. I have a terrible habit of doubting myself and  as I welcome 2018, I’m bidding doubt good riddance. I’m SO SO OVER it.

 You are a Badass helped me realize my dreams weren’t actualizing and my resolutions weren’t sticking, because I doubted myself and didn’t ๐Ÿ’ฏ believe I could achieve them. It’s not natural for me to be my own cheerleader  and believe I could really get what I want, but I’m working on it. 

Through this book, I learned if you want to achieve something, you have to jump in and give it ๐Ÿ’ฏ!! You have to say F-U to the doubt and fear and chase after whatever it is your dreaming of with a full heart. And, when you do, you evolve and grow and that growth gets you steps closer to your goals. DOUBT is the number one dream killer. Doubt is fear, the mean girl voice in your head, telling you that you’re not good enough, and the culprit for mediocrity.  And, lets be real, mediocre is boring AF.  

If you’re feeling uninspired, stuck, or scared about chasing your goals I TOALLY recommend reading You are a Badass. This book totally inspired me to grab 2017 by the cahones and I definitely think it will give you the perfect amount of inspiration to grab 2018 by the cahones too. 

In case you need more encouragement to check out this book, I shared 3 of my favorite quotes that helped me embrace my badass self and get through in 2017 below. 


“Appreciate How Special You Are”

As blogger/youtuber, I exist amongst millions of babes that (I think) are prettier, funnier, cooler, more stylish, and way better at blogging/youtubing than I am. I’ve totally allowed the (mean girl) voice in my head to tell myself “I’m not good enough.” And, it had gotten to me. Jen Sincero points out in You are Badass that we’re all unique and special.  Everyone has special gifts and talents, but we can’t focus on what others have. Others should inspire us, but we have to appreciate and recognize our special gifts and talents more.  We weren’t created to be replicated and we shouldn’t try to be like anyone else either. When you compare yourself to others you prevent your personal growth and becoming who you are meant to be – you get too afraid to chase your dreams and goals. 

I remember I hated my first Glossier makeup tutorial – the quality sucked (in my opinion) and I didn’t think I looked like the “ideal” Glossier girl. WTF thoughts are those?!  A few weeks later I found an email in my inbox from Glossier asking if I wanted to be a Glossier rep. So many girls upload and share Glossier content, but at that time very few girls were asked to be reps. I said yes and became part of the Glossier fam. In May I got invited to spend a week in NY with Glossier and in September Glossier reposted my Body Hero photo to promote their Body Hero campaign. My point is, If I  continued to stay self critical about what I was sharing I wouldn’t have had those amazing Glossier experiences.  In 2017,  I’ve had to constantly remind myself that I’m special and have something to offer, plus those amazing DMs and comments from followers really keep me believing in myself. I LOVE when a follower or subscriber shares that I inspired them in some way, because I was being my true self. It’s such a special feeling. 

We really have to appreciate how special we are, including our unique perspectives and points of view, because you never know the opportunities that will come your way. 

“Faith is Your Best Buddy When You’re Scared Shitless” 

Since I was a kid, my Dad ALWAYS told me faith is so important in life. I’m very spiritual, but I  never really knew what he meant. He always told me Faith is something you feel, but you can’t see it. It wasn’t until this past year that I understood. I even got FAITH tattooed on my forearm, because it was a major learning lesson for me. Faith helped me deal with my Dads cancer and helped me realize my dreams and goals could actually happen – both scare me shitless. 

Scary shit happens. Could be cancer, could be ending a toxic relationship, or finally garnering enough the courage to purse your goals. And, Faith is ๐Ÿ”‘ because it forces you to be positive and have a strong headspace, when things get shitty or if you’re doubting everything. Life is all about scary and amazing situations and faith is optimism that helps you stay humble during the good times and positive during the bad times. Keeping faith at the forefront of every decision and experiences has reminded me that I’ll get through whatever it is I’m going through. Faith also gives courage to take risks. When my Dad was going through Cancer treatment I was overwhelmed and scared, but faith helped me stay focused and strong for my Dad, so I could be the support and encourage him that he could fight through it. It also taught me how to CHILL THE FUCK OUT and loosen my control on my life, because so many things are truly out of our control. 

“Remember That Done is Better Than Perfect”

I LOOOVE being creative, but I’m also a perfectionist with whatever I create. I can work on one thing for hours or shoot 20 more photos, even though I only need 1 or 2, just because I want the perfect outfit photo to share with you.  The majority of the time ya’ll don’t even notice or comment what I was stressing balls about. It’s never the perfect photos ya’ll like, but the ones that are super genuine. My point is, I’ve learned that a perfect video or photo doesn’t matter. It needs to be real and genuine versus perfect. The same goes for your goals or dreams, you can’t wait till you’re ready or when things are perfect – there is no such thing as perfect timing. You just have to jump in and try and you’ll evolve from there.

You just have to go and chase after your dreams. Stop the self doubt and criticism. Go after whatever it is. Try it out. See if you really want to pursue whatever it is, because you’ll never know till you try. Especially, in this creative world, I’ve learned it‘s not about being perfect, just get it done and be genuine. 

“Love Yourself”

Jen finishes every chapter with Love Yourself. And, we ALL need to love ourself. It’s not the easiest thing for me, but I’ve been working on it. When you love yourself, you’re kind to self, not hurtful, judgmental or critical and that helps you evolve and explore what it is you want. When you love a family member, signifiant other, or friend, you’re kind and loving to them and encouraging them too. Hard to believe, but you have to do that for yourself too. You actually deserve it. Encouraging myself at the 11th hour, when no one is around to spread their love or support keeps you chasing you dream. There have been so many times I’ve stayed up all night to get a video done and I’ve had rely on my own encourage and motivation to get myself through it.  This year I’ve learned there is no room for criticism or dislike. It just keeps us stagnant and far from growth and far from our goals. And, if I’ve learned anything in 2017,  life is all about growth. Ps. Doing the things you love teaches you how to love yourself too. 

I hope this posts encourages you to read You Are A Badass. There are sooo many amazing thoughts in that book that inspired me last year and even more for 2018!! 

LMK if you order the book and if there are any quotes that are your fav too!! I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective! 

Happy 2018 to you!!! 






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