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The perk about being a So-Cal native is Disneyland. If we grew up similarly, then Disneyland was like going to the movies on Friday night, it was a regular visit, especially if you have an annual pass. I have so many memories there and love being able to flash back to them right when I walk through the entrance. It’s such a gift to be in my early twenties and be able to flash back like that, but with busy schedules, it’s a little hard to make that happen as often. My best friends and I did make it happen yesterday. With them back home and off of work for a couple days, we paid a visit.

And, of course I made time to take some photos for an outfit post. What you wear there is pretty important too, comfort is key.

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When visiting Disneyland + California Adventure, you have to rep your Disney pride, always, and I love wearing my Disney tees. I randomly picked this one up a couple weeks ago at Forever21. They have such great assortment of Mickey gear and all reasonably priced. I love picking up tees at the Goodwill too. They have great throwback classics.

The weather was amazing. 80 degrees in December, is typical for California, but it was nice to finally get a pair of shorts out. I wore a favorite pair of Zara faux leather shorts. I usually opt for a pair of Vans or Converse, but realized lately, they’re not the most comfortable shoes, if you’re going to be walking for 8+ hours straight. I recently got fitted for a new pair of running shoes and was recommended the Nike Pegasus +30. I hate to admit, but I decided to pass on Nikes recently, since they’re too narrow for me, even my beloved Nike Air Max’s, but after trying these on, I changed my mind. They’re roomy for my wide feet and have support that make it seem like you’re walking on air. They  have been amazing and totally saved my feet yesterday.

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Although, I usually opt for a cross-over bag, I brought my school backpack, a faux-leather kind from FOREVER 21, instead. I needed a place to stash my jacket, camera, and water bottle, plus my wallet and some lip stuff.  A good tip for you is bring a water bottle. A bottle of water runs up to $5 there, so I brought my own to fill up. You can bring a couple throw away bottles if you’re sketch about water fountains. Another thing that helps is having snacks on hand. My besties were prepped: one brought apples another gummy bears, so our sugar high lasted throughout the day. They come in handing, when waiting in line. I love the sugary goodness at Disney, it’s what it’s all about, but in a pinch, when blood sugar levels drop close to getting on a ride, a snack will save face.

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Most know this tid-bit, but California Adventure serves alcohol, so for 20 somethings and parents, a drink eases those external stressors of lines and waiting, and if you’re like me an my friends, the giggles that ensure with a drink or two make for the BEST memories.

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I had such a blast yesterday with my Best Friends. As we get older, we’re more about adventures, than the partying and Disneyland is one of them. We have many memories there and so many trips planned in the future and I can’t wait to share them on the blog.

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