Breaking up and Breaking out


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IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_AmySerrano_WhoWhatWearCollection_LillyTapian IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_AmySerrano_WhoWhatWearCollection_LillyTapian IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_AmySerrano_WhoWhatWearCollection_LillyTapian IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_AmySerrano_WhoWhatWearCollection_LillyTapian 

blouse  c/o WhoWhatWear Collection,  patent leather skirt fromForever 21, and  hot pink metallic heels c/o Chinese Laundry

What do you call dating someone for 3 months and it ends? Is that labeled a break-up? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ We were exclusive, but not officially boyfriend & girlfriend, so I have a hard time calling it a break-up, but it sure reminded me of one.

I’m definitely not crazy hung up about it, but I’ll miss receiving early morning wake up calls, the over-used heartfelt πŸ˜˜ emoji, and  those free dinner dates. 

This experience reminded me of how much it sucks, when relationships (however long they are) end.  You feel shitty and emotional, a little hopeless, dumb, because you saw the signs and wasted time, and bummed the future you envisioned won’t be happening. My situation was only 3 months, so  I’ll get through this a lot faster than most breakups, but they’re still a total mind fuck. 

 Tons of what if scenarios and the ‘good’ times you had are on repeat in your head, not the forward thinking thoughts that all things come to an end and maybe I’m truly better off. But, as the days pass, the obsessive thoughts begin to cease, that forward thinking and bright positive mindset begins to surface – aka the old you.   

Side bar: I found out our zodiac sign can reveal how long it takes for us to get through a break up!! Heads up to ALL Taurus babes [like myself] we take the longest to get over a break up!  πŸ™„ UGH!! 

So, if you’re going through a break up or getting over 3 month stint with a cute dude, it’s time to break out and do you! Below are some tips that are helping me break out of the slump and back to me!

  • Group text your girl friends what the heck happened ASAP and let them drag you back into the world.

     I went to an all girl high school, so I have the most amazing female friendships. They’re more like my sisters, than friends. They have my back and I have theirs. You definitely don’t need to go to an all girl school to have amazing girl friends, but I love mine so much and am thankful for them, because once they heard the dude and I ended it, they pulled me out and let me vent and cry it out. You need to get the emotions out of your system. The obsessive what-if thoughts and taking fetal position under your duvet is not helpful. Your girls get the obsessive what-if talk and good ones will talk your through it and bring some sense and clarity to you. 

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  • Treat yourself to a beauty treatment. 

    Any beauty treatment. Could be a manicure, pedicure, more balyage or highlights (I’m thinking of making an appointment), a hair cut (I like an impulsive change), a massage, or even new lashes. Add some newness and treat yourself to something that’s going to amplify and make you feel like goddess you are!  In this case I got my lashes lifted by Christina Son Artistry (FULL detailed post about the treatment coming soon). 

  • Buy yourself a couple presents. 

    I feel like I’m always buying myself presents, but when the reason I’m shopping is due to  a ‘break-up’ it makes the purchase so much more deserving. We do deserve a little something something that will make us smile again. I’m not saying go on a shopping spree, if you can I’m jealous, but just a little something that’s going to bring a smile to your face. For instance, I bought myself this beautiful baby pink faux fur jacket from forever 21 (felt like I was wrapped around the most loving hug) and some Gisou hair products (the hair oil, heat protectant, wave spray, and their tortoise comb).  I’ve been dying to try Gisous products, so figured there was no better time than now!! Shopping can uplift any mood and definitely opt for things that catch your eye or give you a happy tingly feeling inside – those are the good purchases. 

  • Put on your workout clothes and go workout!  

    Working out is a major thing for me. I can’t say I don’t miss a workout, because life gets in the way, but I definitely work out 3-5 times a week. I workout out, because I’m naturally a high energy person, so I get pretty ansy and working out releases that nervous energy and calms me the fuck down. Endorphines release positive emotions, so when you’re feeling dumpy that your dude is no longer at arms reach, you can rely on endorphins to uplift your mood, make you happy, and give you a hot bod – no guy can be responsible for that! I prefer high intensity workouts, like boxing, cycling, and running, I love a good sweat sesh.  But, I mix in some Yoga and pilates for balance. 

  • Get some new music in your life.

    Music is another thing that uplifts me. In college I was always the DD (designated driver), because as long as there was music playing at the party or club we were at, I didn’t need to drink, because I’d get high and hyper on vibes the music giving. Music has a way of transporting your thoughts and your mind to another space and when the vibe is good my mood is instantly lifted. When going through a break up I need up lifting, go-getter, lets conquer life without a man tunes, so I created a special playlist called LOVE YO SELF playlist on Spotify you can check out!

  • Find some inspiring quotes and memes.

    Instagram + Pinterest are my favorite places to source inspiration. Not only for outfit ideas, but for positive quotes, affirmations, and little laughs. Create a collection on Instagram and a board on Pinterest of your favorite quotes and laughs that are inspiring, happy, and funny. Any time you’re feeling BLEH check out the board or collection you created, so it can bring you back to a happy and positive headspace. 

These are just a couple ways I’m dealing with my current ‘break up’ situation, but the one thing that will heal you is time. I hope these help you jump start the healing process, but remember you’re capable, brave and, significant and don’t NEED to rely on any person to make you happy. You have to make yourself happy first (sometimes it’s a discovery to find out what that means) and have faith, that there is someone that will make you happy on top of your own happiness and will never let you go. 














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