My last post about Pretty Lace, inspired my recent shopping trip. Last outfit post I shared my Floral Birthday Suit was from Laura’s Boutique and my best friend went back to visit the boutique last weekend and saw this dress. She picked it up for me, because I tried the lace dress on in white days prior, but wasn’t in love with the white version, which I think was due to the fact, that I was destined for the black version. Most lace dresses usually have a lining, but this one doesn’t – making me a bit nervous, because I didn’t know what to pair it with. I liked the sheerness, so opted for a lace bra from NastyGal. I shared some options below.  

I also paired the black lace dress, with a body-con skirt, I inherited from my Mom. It’s fun getting to wear items, she wore, when she was my age. What I love about this lace dress, is that I’ll be able to mix up what I pair it with. The high heel platform sandals are from Zara. They remind me of Alaias , but less than a quarter of the price. I think this black lace dress creates the perfect outfit for a night out, which I’ll be wearing this weekend for a belated birthday dinner with friends.

If lace a dress isn’t your style, I found some alternative lace options, to bring my love for lace into your wardrobe. 


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