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When you read this post I’ll be headed or have been in New York with Glossier! I earned a trip with 14 other Glossier babes to the beautiful NYC for 2 full days of Glossier! Because of the trip I needed to pick up some beauty products and rather than the 3 I needed I ended up getting enough to create a haul about it. HAHA

I created a Youtube video, so be sure to check it out, but sadly, I uploaded only half of the footage, so my latest video is missing first half of the video I recorded!! Such a rookie mistake, but I still wanted to share it on Youtube channel, so you’ll I only shared half the products.  A full breakdown of ALL the beauty products is below, so you’re not missing out. 

Hope you enjoy! 


TRESEMME PRODUCTS – I have ANNOYINGLY sensitive hair. I have to use sulfate/paraben free hair products or my scalp is sooo frekain itchy and flaky. I follow hairstylist Justine Marjan who does Kim Kardashian and Olivia Culpo’s hair (to name a few)and their hair always looks gorgeous and polished and she uses Tresseme!!! What’s awesome is that she shares all the products and tips/tricks on her insta stories…  So I found these tresseme products through her.


Justine shared she uses this on Khloe Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, and Olivia Culpo.  

    • It is designed to protect against 7 different types of damage – brushing, blow-drying, bleaching, coloring, curling, flat-ironing and braiding
    • Formulated with Biotin, it treats visible damage instantly AND helps repair the hair fiber from within, strengthening against breakage, so you can keep styling
    • Intensive hair treatments helps deliver serious moisture to dehydrated tresses, while helping to fight frizz for smooth, soft, shiny strands.


I saw Justine used these next kertain items on Kim Kardashian to smooth hair before a blow dry and tame flyaways/babyhairs with a tooth brush  4.99 + 4.79

  • I used to get keratin treatments in College, but I missed my curl, so I stopped. Now it’s cool you can get keratin products at the drug store, so I’m excited about these affordable options.
  • This entire line contains a light formula that fights frizz and gives you smooth hair that’s neither oily nor lacking in body. It’s all formulated with Keratin protein and Moroccan Argan oil.
    • Keratin crème controls frizz and fly-always without weighing hair down for shiny, satin-smooth hair
    • Hair spray tames and smoothes.

Kristen Ess Hair Care

My bestie and I randomly discovered Kristen Ess’s hair care line at Target. Kristen is actually LC’s coveted hair stylist and she came out with her own hair care line. We discovered it at Target and it’s farely affordable.  The line smells AMAZING and expensive for only $10 products and most importantly it doesn’t make me flake!! It reminds my bestie and I of our favorite perfumery Byredo. They have this amazing scent called  Mohave Ghostt and It LITERALLY smells the same!  

  • Signature Shampoo + Conditioner $10  I have a sensitive scalp, so I can’t really use too much product. This one actually cleans, lathers nicely and doens’t make my scalp itchy.
  • Water Based Pomade $10 is a bit of a random purchase for me. I saw Justine talk about how she puts pomade at the ends of the beachy waves for texture for Shay Mitchell and Khloe Kardashian, so I found this one that’s water based. I can’t wait to try it on my ends for texture, but I have it holding my fly aways right now and I really like it. I tried it on dry hair on my Mom and it doesn’t really hold well, but if you brush your hair wet it slicks it back nicely and then i used the kertain hairspray.


Dior Show Pump and Volume Mascara – $30

I heard about this new mascara on the Podcast Fat Mascara. It’s an interesting concept, because it’s a rubber/silicon tube that allows you to warm up the mascara and gives you fat lashes – almost falsie vibes. You Press or Pump the rubber tube of the mascara a couple of times and it allows you to pump the formula into the brush and boost the formula. It’s a volumizing mascara, so it’s going to give you a full length and volume – very similar to a pair of falsies.

Burberry Sculpting Stick – $37

I read about this scuplting stick in May’s Allure Magazine. Makeup Artist wendy Rowe, who does make up for Major fashion editorials and celebrities like Sienna Miller, Kate hudson, and Nicole Kidman talked about it. She shared that her must is this sculpting stick. It’s a contour stick that allows you to sculpt and contour your face. I’ve never done contouring, so I’m excited to experiment with this. This stick makes contouring it look super easy.

Makeup Brush Drying Stand – 12.99

I randomly found this makeup drying stand as I was looking for new makeup brushes on amazon. So many brands are embracing synthetic and cruelty free brushes, so I found some affordable ones that had a good review, so I bought these and this makeup brush drying stand was suggested!!! I have ruined SOOO many brushes leaving them wet and drying awkwardly. The handles have cracked, because the ones I’ve had are made of wood or are still wet days later. This really helped my brushes keep their shape and actually cut the drying time in half for me. With this set I bought, there were no instructions, but you can see more details on how to use it in my Youtube video.

ELF Cosmetics  – Bronzer $6.00 + Brushes $10-12

I was looking for a bronzer and I bought an expensive Kevin Aucoin one, but it made my face look super muddy. I’ve never had that problem, so I while I was at Target I remembered i used to like an Elf cream one, so I bought this quad And it Love love LOVE it. I normally use Nars Laguna, but this elf has more pigment and I really get a TAN bronzy look.

I also picked up a couple brushes too. They’re sooo affordable and super soft.

  • This paint brush ($12.00)  looking one caught my eye. It’s actually used for foundation and all over blending. It had raved reviews, besides the fact it’s hard to clean and then someone mentioned it shed, so I’m excitd to try it.
  •  This is a simple brush. ($10.00) I needed one for Blush and Bronzer or to blend, so I bought this one.
  • This is a mask brush. ($5.99) It’s two sided. It has a pore cleansing brush that removes dirt and grease from pores and a silicon spatula that helps you dip into your masks and distribute evenly – I like that it will helping you keep oil and bacteria out of my masks and well as from getting under my nails.



I heard about this from a fellow Glossier Rep. Her name is Amelia and I ALWAYS go to her for beauty break downs and suggestions. You should go read her blog and check out her insta!! She’s the BEST!

-So, originally… I thought A micro essence was similar to a toner, it is in style, but it’s really not. It’s technically a liquid lotion that activates and strengthens skin’s to help bring out a youthful, angelic glow. It’s supposed to renew and rebalance your skin. It’s also intended to help enhance any serums you put on too, so I use it after I was my face and before I put Glossier supers.


 It’s kind of interseting to get water in a can, but this is a toning product that you’re supposed to spray and pat dry. It contains healing minerals like selenium that balance and heal skin, but I got it to use as way to wet my face before washing. Into the Gloss shared how a facialist uses it to wet skin before washing another make up artist I’m obsessed with Violette uses it to prep skin too.  $12.99

    • It’s supposed Gives moisturizer a healing boost
    • Found out you can use it to To prep beauty blenders – rather than using water
    • Set + refresh makeup

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