I’ve always loved the idea of a headband, but can’t seem to make the accessory last without taking it off before I leave the house. I tend to keep accessories at a minimum, even though I’ve collected so many great scarves and jewels that stay tucked away. One piece I won’t ever get rid of, is the legendary Prada Turban headband from Spring 2007. I scored it at the Prada Outlet in Cabazo, back in 2008. The same navy silk headband Ashley Olsen was so famously captured wearing. After seeing this editorial, I’m inspired to pull it out. I’m LOVING the one Ariana Grande is wearing by CultGaia in Teen Vogue’s February issue. Ariana is a classic beaut and I love the look Teen Vogue styled her in. I can always count on Teen Vogue to present something classic, fresh, chic, and personalized. I may be biased, since the publication was my fashion bible when I was a teen, so it always strikes the right cord for me. It influenced and polished my eye for fashion, so I’ll always be in love with all the publication does. This editorial reminded me about my old Prada and, kind of, swaying me to purchase my own CultGaia piece, in black with white polkadots. Such an exquisite piece is a bit pricy, so found some alternatives, if you’re interested too. Personally, I prefer one locally designed and produced in my native state, sunny Los Angeles, always gotta represent.

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