A week ago I visited Vegas for a quick 48 hours. Vegas isn’t a place that can be visited for longer than a couple days, because of the 800 degree weather and the crazy pricing, but If you drink a lot of water and gamble, it’s do-able. Vegas is a total blast. If you’re 21 and over it’s such a good time with friends: the dancing, pool parties, and amazing restaurants. This trip was a quick turn around.  I only got around to snapping this outfit, while eating lunch at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel. It’s fairly new and now one of my favorites. We ate at 800 Degrees, a super yummy and über fresh pizzeria – a California staple. Besides splurging on a carbo load, I also splurged on a pair of Dior Sunglasses. Definitely not my usual #affordablefashion way of shopping, but they were $100 off. I’ve been eyeing the Dior So Real sunglasses for a year, but could never fully charge my credit card. When I was in Vegas, I tried on a newer pair of Dior Sunglasses, called the Technologic, and fell in LOVE. The sales man at the sunglass store offered me $100 off and they looked AMAZING, so I had to! They’re definitely a statement and they make me feel so badass, when I wear them, so I definitely don’t regret them. I’ll definitely be saving my pennies for a little bit, but I don’t mind.  


Also, can we talk about my Palm Tree Espadrilles?!?! Aren’t they adorable! They’re totally perfect for summer! I know I’ll be living in them and they were perfectly comfy, especially in the heat!  Thanks OAS – I’m totally obsessed! 

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