Spring fashion is upon us!! I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite fashion bloggers, like my self (wink wink) embracing beige, lavender, possibly tie-dye, even barretts in your feed! I love when a new season rolls around, because that means means I can freshen up my closet. I love to  revive and restyle some of my favorite pieces with new pieces.  I don’t think you need to overhaul what you have and shop new items, but I encourage ya’ll to pick out a few new pieces . I love experimenting and trying new things, so I wanted share some trends I’ll be experimenting with and trying out. I’m excited to share I’ll be sourcing some thrifted pieces for spring too! Will be breaking down my favorite trends on youtube, so be sure to subscribe to my channel




I haven’t worn beige since middle school and I never really embraced yellow, but there is something those colors that I’m drawn to this season. It looks fresh and chic and I’m here for both. I’m all about bright colors, but I’m feeling yellow and beige. I’m thinking of swapping my favorite  vintage Levis for khaki trousers! I linked my favorites below! Possibly yellow blouses and dresses too?!




Bike shorts aren’t that new of a trend, but I loved seeing them styled with blazers and flowy blouses. Normally they pair well with an oversized top or baggy hoodie, I also wear them to workout (I have this cute leopard set from Good American, but I like the look a bit dressier. I’ll be honest they’re hard to wear, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with them. Chanel brought back a capri legging too (see the pink blazer above), so if bike shorts make you uncomfortable try that style. Or, you can always get a workout set that are bikes shorts to start getting comfortable with the vibe. I think my go-to will be wearing bike shorts with blazers! 




I call this one suiting, because I’m referring to everything a suit is made up of – trousers, blazers, and collard shirts. My favorite piece of a suit are definitely blazers!! I’m talking oversized, bright colors, dressy and even beige! I already own a variety of blazers (hot pink, yellow, linen, even plaid), but I’m interested in beige oversized blazers! They look cool and chic and I picked one up from the Goodwill. I definitely think the Goodwill will be your best bet if you want to try the trend, because the quality is nice, it’s affordable, and sustainable. I’m also feeling wide leg trousers and dress shirts. I find wide-leg trousers to be super flattering for my body type, but I’m on the hunt for beige or khaki colored. 



I’m all about my earrings and purse to finish off a look, but I’m ready to embrace more accessories! The spring runway shows really inspired me to embrace head bands, hair clips, and pearls! I shared my collection of hair accessories, also how to make your own, but I’m looking forward to styling them in a more wearable way! I’ll be creating a hair accessories styling video, so be sure to subscribe to my channel. I’m also feeling pearls!! I’ve seen them styled in such an effortless way and I love it!! Mejuri sent me these hoop pearl earrings, I bought these pearl hair clips from Amazon, but now I’m feeling a necklace too. And, I’m also thinking of bringing out some scarves! Possibly tied around my neck? Can’t wait to try! 

Pearl Earrings: 



Tie dye speaks California cool! I love how effortless it is, but such a statement piece too! I’m looking forward to styling a piece in a chic way! There are some great options at Reformation, but I think you can totally thrift tie dye one, even do it yourself! Proenza Schouler had oversized dress shirts on the runway, but I loved the bleached tie dye denim Stella McCartney did! A hoodie is a super fun statement, but a bathinsuit or pants are cool too. 

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